Project Results Examples...
• An Explore Discover℠ project for Teijin to identify, prioritize and commercially launch at least four new application categories for an emergent fiber technology. The 8 month initiative validated a dozen new application categories with hundreds of millions of dollars in potential, initiated more than two dozen technology evaluation initiatives with market entry customers, and identified another two dozen customer candidates where deliberations on moving forward with application developments in collaboration with Teijin were still underway at project end.

• A Summit Forum℠ based project for Dow Chemical to identify, prioritize and launch commercial applications with initial customers for their newly developed metallocene catalysis technology. Based on results of the Summit, Dow quickly introduced their Insite® Technology, initially with Fuller Brush, then to other adhesive producers and subsequently to other Summit identified market segments and customers where sales grew into the hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

• An Explore Discover℠ based project for United Paper Mills (now UPM-Kymmene) to identify and validate applications for a particular paper technology in multiple markets. The result was the introduction of the paper based yogurt cup cover, WalkiLid , in multiple markets.

• A Summit Forum℠ based project for GWS Perlos (now Perlos Corporation) to identify the opportunity and create a new business with market entry customers in the healthcare arena by leveraging assets/capabilities from a telecommunications/electronics design and production partner business. Perlos, virtually starting from scratch, launched market entry with a Summit Opinion Leader's pharmaceutical firm (i.e., Zeneca), and grew the emerging Healthcare design and production partner business to more than $65M/year before its rationalized sale for more than $80M to Ratos Ab of Sweden in 2006.

• An Explore Discover℠ based project for SatCon Technology (an MIT infiltrated, Draper Labs [NASA] spin-off) to secure joint development partners and market entry sales in actuator, active strut, magnetic bearing, micro-sensor and vibration absorber market segments) for an active motion control technology. Upon completion of Synergics' activities, Opinion Leader firms quickly began joint-development efforts with the client and initial sales into semiconductor processing equipment industry occurred within the next 1 1/2 years.

• A Summit Forum℠ based project for Shell Chemical to accelerate market/sales development for a new multifunctional surfactant molecule in multiple industrial markets. One of the sectors explored was household cleaners and the Opinion Leader from Lehn & Fink catalyzed commercial actions that led to their becoming their first customer with their Lysol® products the first application for Shell's multifunctional molecule.

• An Explore Discover℠ based project for Shell Chemical to develop and implement a 10-year plan for solvent technologies. The initiative assisted Shell to develop such a plan, whose implementation resulted in new products with integrated services and customer satisfaction systems leading to growth sustainable over the next several years.

• A Summit Forum℠ based project for TH Goldschmidt AG to identify and secure a North American derived technology with which to expand their global product portfolio. At the completion of Synergics' activities, an identified technology was procured by Goldschmidt.

• A Summit Forum℠ based project for Valmet Paper Machinery (now Metso Paper) to identify & internally develop/further develop and/or externally secure technologies with which to design and build the ultimate paper machine to be characterized as having more capacity and higher speeds; but with a smaller footprint. Based initially on results of the Summit coupled with a decade of further development and scale-up work in concert with the Technical Research Centre of Finland (the VTT), the client successfully introduced their Super Paper Machine and its most notable advancement called JET-RUN during development and piloting, then OptiDry® with commercialization. This advancement is based on an impingement drying concept that uses high temperatures to evaporate and remove water at the same time at higher speeds and with a smaller footprint. This technology development has also been proven to provide enhancements to paper machine performance on its own in retrofit situations.

The following are some other, more varied projects and a unique initiative:

• An Explore Discover℠ based initiative over a 5 year period as a spear head at the "fuzzy front end" of the new business development continuum for a multi-billion dollar global specialty polymer material product developer and manufacturer. This long term effort was a material-technology application oriented, zero-based effort (i.e., initiated without application products, customers, markets or concepts for them from the client). Over the duration hundreds of leading marketplace participants were engaged and in doing so a number of large product business opportunities were discovered with hundreds of millions of dollars of potential. The magnitude and feasibility of these opportunities warranted continued development and commercialization investment, and commercialization efforts and successes are ongoing today and are projected to continue through the decade. This global undertaking not only succeeded in moving the client organization into new directions, markets and commercial application arenas (i.e., new businesses), but it also helped to catalyze a rethinking and restructuring of the firm's new opportunity development organization on a worldwide basis.

• An Explore Discover℠ based project for Aearo's EAR Specialty Composites (now part of 3M) to assess and characterize identified business opportunities.

• For Dow Chemical Industrial Biotechnology:
[#1] A project to facilitate strategy and business development planning, which led to a contract manufacturing concept.
[#2] An Explore Discover℠ based project to secure a marketplace realignment and validation of a Contract Manufacturing Business Strategy, which led to initiation of required asset acquisitions and formation of the business.
[#3] A project to facilitate business launch action planning for the newly formed Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing business following asset acquisitions ... the business launched on time and within budget and continues to operate and grow today.

• For Rentech, Inc., a project designed to facilitate corporate operations planning with executive management , which led to a refinement of strategy and a redefinition of management responsibilities.

• An Explore Discover℠ based project for Raychem OEM Electronics business to assess, identify and target acquisition candidates... successfully accomplished

• An Explore Discover℠ based project for Dow Chemical Fabricated Products to explore, identify and characterize global product line opportunities.

• A Summit Forum℠ based Technology Roadmapping & Development project for Metso Paper designed to yet again configure the next generation paper making machine design.

• An Explore Discover℠ based project for OREX Technologies, a business unit of Isolyser (now Microtek Medical Holdings) designed to validate and characterize market potential and target initial customers for biodegradable protective garments and an accompanying biodegradation - hazardous material reduction process technology for the Automotive and Nuclear Power industries. Tne markets were validated, characterized then market entry was initiated through Opinion Leader firms and the business continues to prosper and grow in N. America today.

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