Project Results Include...
Market Intelligence:
Knowledge from-the-perspective-of-a-market of what it will take to be successful
Market Valuation:
Understanding of the market's view of your technology's viability and value
Market Pull:
Transitioning from product and technology push to market pull
Market Entry:
Development of initial market entry strategy and sales
Market Penetration:
Market collaboration to plan a coherent sales and market development plan
Market Aligned Development:
Research and Development direction, prioritization and focus aligned to marketplace realities
Market Guided Technology Outsourcing:
Technology transfer, improvement, acquisition, licensing and divestiture
Market Tuned Strategy & Tactics for Business Creation or Renewal:
Concepts & actionable plans developed with top players in markets-with-opportunity where those "top players" become your initial customers/alliances with whom to initiate implementation
...with accelerated delivery of results when compared to "business as usual" approaches