Explore Discover Opinion Leaders
Secure a top management assessment of emerging biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing business concept
• Amgen, Vice President - Manufacturing
• Avant Immunotherapeutics, Vice President - Operations
• Bio Tie Therapies, President
• Eli Lilly, Vice President - Research, Technology, and Proteins
• Genentech, Vice President - Manufacturing and Process Sciences
• Genetics Institute, Vice President - Product and Process Development
• Immunex, Vice President - Manufacturing
• Medarex, Director - Biopharmaceutical Production
• Medimmune, Co-founder, Vice President - Research and Process Development
• Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Vice President - Business Development
• Novo Nordisk Biotechnology, President
• Protein Design Laboratories, Vice President - Technical Development
• Scios, Vice President - Research, Technology and Proteins
• Techniclone, Vice President - Research and Development

An Explore Discover℠ based initiative for Dow Chemical Industrial Biotechnology [#2] to secure a marketplace realignment and validation of a Contract Manufacturing Business Strategy, which led to initiation of required asset acquisitions and formation of the business.