Summit Forum℠ Opinion Leaders
New Market Focus for a Mature Plastic Devices Business
• Research Manager, Device Development, Glaxo Group Research, United Kingdom
• Manager, Packaging Development, Hoffmann-La Roch, USA
• Director, Packaging Development, Sandoz Pharma AG, USA
• Senior Packaging Technologist, Zeneca (ICI) Pharmaceuticals, United Kingdom
• Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, France
• Manager, Technical Support and Engineering, Upjohn Company, Belgium
• Manager, Technology Development Support, Fisons PLC, United Kingdom
• Assistant Research Director, Sterling Winthrop Inc., USA
• Director General, Research and Development, Laboratories CUSI, Spain
• Manager, New Product Development, Viggo-Spectramed, United Kingdom
• Sr. Engineer, Device Development, Baxter Healthcare/Diagnostics, USA
• Director, Material Engineering, Medical Group, Siemens AG, Germany
• Director, Engineering Services, Johnson & Johnson, USA

A Summit Forum℠ based initiative for GWS Perlos (now Perlos Corporation) to identify the opportunity and create a new business with market entry customers in the healthcare arena by leveraging assets/capabilities from a telecommunications/electronics design and production partner business. Perlos, virtually starting from scratch, launched market entry with a Summit Opinion Leader's pharmaceutical firm (i.e., Zeneca), and grew the emerging Healthcare design and production partner business to more than $65M/year before its rationalized sale for more than $80M to Ratos Ab of Sweden in 2006.