Accelerated Commercialization®
ur forte, and most important core competency is the active engagement of influential, decision making "top management" [market, technology or business Opinion Leaders] from the leading firms of the most important and highest opportunity areas in the marketplace at the appropriate time(s) – the most prolific manner available today with which to develop realistic and truly "market driven" results. Our tailored systematic approaches draw on the foundations of our two process systems (methodologies): Summit Forum℠ and Explore Discover℠. The primary difference between the Summit Forum℠ and Explore Discover℠ approach are the means employed to engage the marketplace and involve Opinion Leaders. This is determined by many factors including the importance of the issue, problem, technology or offering in question and whether one needs to involve Opinion Leaders from serious "head-to-head" competitors, or not. For both the Summit Forum℠ and the Explore Discover℠ systems, working closely with client upper management to form a tight business and market focus, Synergics opens and establishes a proven path for engaging potential global, national or regional markets at the "opinion leader" level. Things happen faster when connected with the people that shape their company, its technologies and products and eventually their market industries. Synergics' proprietary technologies lead clients to develop relationships with innovative, leading companies who are committed to taking action. Often these companies are potential customers or needed business partners, and it is through these critical alliances that rapid commercialization or implementation takes place.
ummit Forum℠, as the name implies, brings these Opinion Leaders together as a group of as many as 12-16, or more individuals for conduct of a private interactive round table event (a forum) lasting 1-2 days. This means the Opinion Leaders will actually invest a few to several days on a client's behalf... a significant investment on the Opinion Leader's part. Such events are video recorded, are often confidential, and can be observed live on closed circuit television by the client when appropriate. The Summit Forum℠ system is the most powerful means available for quickly developing a thorough marketplace understanding; and, for catalyzing the conversion from product or technology push into market pull. This system has proven, again and again, that it can accomplish in months what historically would take years.

xplore Discover℠ primarily involves Opinion Leaders on a more remote or "arms-length" one-on-one basis. It avoids the discomfort and shielded conversation that may well result when groups of head-to-head competitors convene to deliberate on issues of competitive advantage. Some of the attributes of this more arms-length remote method includes the ability to involve a much larger number of Opinion Leaders, involve head-to-head competitors and still focus on issues of competitive advantage, as well as to address multiple and perhaps unrelated technologies, problems or issues.